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This Blog’s First Anniversary

July 26, 2013

I do try to spread my love out evenly

But it ends so thinly spread

There’s none left for me

So I’m asking you for your time and attention

Almost all of it, in fact

Sorry about that

And any consequent lack of tact

But take the other end while we snap it straight

Let it balloon and kite,

Take full flight

Far above you and me




The JPF Goodman WordPress Blog first appeared on June 15, 2012, and this is the 52nd weekly post produced since then, so we’re calling it the first anniversary.

The interruptions were more due to hardware issues than to idleness, believe it or not, but it’s not a bad rate of production, one I seem fairly comfortable with, that might go up in the right circumstances.

54 kind souls have shown enough interest in my work to have started following this blog so far. Well, I assume that’s the kind of souls they are, and thank them all. That averages out at practically one newbie a week. At that rate there’ll be millions of you before you know it. Or at least enough to justify a writer’s existence, you’d think.

There is the chore and occasional pleasure of reciprocating and following other bloggers, that motley crew who are bravely pioneering this, the latest and perhaps the last ghetto in which writers may write freely. Whenever I manage to acknowledge a like or follow, I do try to “make a real connection” with the person at the other end, and will continue to do so though, you know, life and other stuff do get in the way.

Still, one seems to’ve met some new friends here, and I shall pay a few the ultimate compliment of naming them without intentionally covering them with links.

Greetings, then, to Christian Mihai; That Dude Eddie; The Blazing Trail; Knitted Notes; Poor Rude Lines; Coco J. Ginger; the Nahmias Cypher Report; Wuji; Alex Kennedy, the writer of fiction for Young Adults and such like; Reaksmey Yean-George; Lesley Carter; Bzebza, the Bright Moments Catcher; Artless Poems; the Castaway with the Electric Journal; the invaluable Erik Emanuelli; Roz Morris; Charlotte Hoather (she’s a singer but she writes well too); Cumblog; Steve the Imagineer; Cassie Naji; A.S.J. Ellis; Kimalee Jones; H, the Fun Girl who Lives Better and the rest. And two I’d already met for real, gentle Jacqueline Pye and Mo Foster, true Writing Buddies.

Sorry if I missed you off the list; there’s always next year.

Steve makes a point – to succeed in this, like any other medium, you have to be a genuinely nice person – which I still hope to disprove one day. Still, that’s what it’s all about – business!

It was the kind attention of the Work Programme and A4E that initiated this venture. I hope it didn’t cost too much of the £300 million or so of public money invested in them when they agreed with my Business Plan, to promote my writing with this Blog, use it to get paying Jobs and become a properly Productive Entrepeneur. They certainly haven’t squandered any of it providing me with proper equipment or training, and it wasn’t long before I was told that this wasn’t a business after all, just, “a hobby”.

These things take an awful time to build, but I don’t see myself doing much else with my life, what’s left of it (67 years – my possibly over generous estimate).

So I thank those with the patience to read my drivel and save me from feeling totally ignored, apart from the disheartening lack of comments, for which I shall instantly punish you all with another poem:


You didn’t comment on my comments on your comments

Were my comments on your comments too intense?

Must I take your lack of comments on my comments as a comment?

Or is your comments’ absence merely sitting on the fence?

Perhaps you’re not sitting at all now, having better things to do

But silence provokes me when it’s this easy to reach you.

The password to your love just a few keystrokes away

Until I find it, I’ll be hanging all day.


So thanks for spending some time hanging round here, feel free to go off and enjoy whatever else you do (I expect I’ll be interested in whichever parts of that you share) and feel free to come back any time.

  1. ArtlessPoems permalink

    Reblogged this on Bud Glory's Reblogs and commented:
    Happy anniversary to my friend, JPF!


  2. I may reblog this in 8 1/2 months … and claim it as my own. Good one. Cheers from the guy with the frog on his blog …


    • I thought Bzebza was the one with the frog. You know him, the Bright Moments Catcher?


  3. Hi JPF – Happy anniversary!! (Poor Rude Lines and your blog are basically exactly the same age). Thanks for posts this last year. I am sure that I speak for all of your readers when I say that I have enjoyed reading them. Wishing you all the very best for year 2.
    Happy blogging,


    • Thanks John, I’ll try to keep going as long as I can. And congratulations on your anniversary. Good luck with your festival activities.


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